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Professional and Competent Advisors

Professional and Competent Advisors







Aspire Wealth Manaement
Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planners

Aspire Wealth Management is an independent licensed, fee-based financial planning practice. We provide holistic lifestyle financial planning to our clients which in turn enables our clients to realize their aspirations.

Aspire Wealth is a strategic Partner with Acsis Ltd which is a division of Old Mutual. As a strategic partner Aspire Wealth has access to top investment analysts, financial coaches, trainers and investment strategies to name but a few. The strategic partnership agreement also stipulates that Acsis has first right of refusal on the business to ensure continuity for clients.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred financial services provider on the East Rand and to provide each client with a holistic financial map of where they aspire to be and directions of how to get there. We are passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and envision each client to be equipped with a holistic financial map of where they want to be, and how to get there.

Our Mission:

We build long-term meaningful relationships by providing our clients with a sound framework to make financial decisions. Through the implementation of unique strategies we help our clients to turn their dreams into reality, thereby achieving their goals and aspirations.

Our core values are:
• Trustworthy
•High Ethical Standards
•Continued education for internal and external clients
086 649 6538
Ben-Jeanne Viljoen
Ben-Jeanne Viljoen
Life and Disability Assurance, Investments, Medical Schemes, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Group Schemes, Financial Needs Analysis

Financial planning or personal financial planner is a professional who prepares financial plans for people. These financial plans often cover cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning, financial risk management, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and business succession planning (for business owners).

BlueLine Financial Advisors
A small financial advisory firm that provides niche advise to high net worth individuals in South Africa.

A small financial advisory firm that provides niche advise to high net worth individuals in South Africa.

011 447 8823
011 447 8823
Brett Shone
Brett Shone
Wealth Specialist

Personal Financial Planning, Business Risk and Tax Services

DBF Financial Planning & Wealth Solutions CC
An independent financial planning practice where certainty is provided where uncertainty prevails.

An independent financial and investment planning practice focusing on life assurance, retirement planning, investments both local and offshore, for both individuals as well as businesses
DBF Financial Planning & Wealth Solutions CC
As financial planners we focus on four areas, personal life assurance, business assurance planning, employee benefits and investments.

Financial planners with decades experience assisting clients. As a result of many years experience, our clients needs vary as well as their circumstances. Needs of our clients are paramount and we follow the FPI financial planning process.
Discovery Agency (Platinum)
Life cover, Income protection, Retirement planning, Investments, Heatlh planning (medical aids), short term insurance, wills

One of the top Discovery Platinum agencies in the country offering highly professional advice and service to individuals and business's
Discovery Agency M de Waal
Specialize in retirment planning, life cover - personal and business, employee benefits, investments- local and off shore, medical aids, short term personal insurance cover, wills and trusts

Our office is situated in Roodepoort with 15 years experience in the insurance industry aiming to offer superior client service and professional advice. The office has specialized administration staff to offer backup service to my existing client portfolio. We also offer outside experts in setting up of wills, tax advice and admisitration of late estates.
FIDIUS is a boutique style, independent, fee based, financial planning and advisory practice.

FIDIUS is a boutique style, independent, fee based, financial planning and advisory practice. It is a Celestis, practice of the year award finalist and considered amongst the leading, wealth management institutions in South Africa.

We focus on comprehensive wealth management, analysis, planning implementation and monitoring of informed financial decisions. Care is taken to lead our clients through the process and to optimise probabilities of achievement of client objectives.

Our fee-based service offering ensures objectivity, free from sales, driven by commissions.
+27 12 9915201
Old Mutual Financial Planner based in Hermanus.

Employed by Old Mutual since 1988 initially as a Sales Representative (20 months) then as a Financial Adviser for O M Financial Advisory Services (FAS) until 2000. Thereafter as Executive Financial Adviser, Old Mutual Personal Financial Advice. Career has been Gauteng-based until 1 September 2006. Now based in Hermanus, Western Cape.
Hans Van Beek – Financial Planning
As a qualified professional with knowledge and experience of all
aspects of personal finance, I can help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

As a qualified professional with knowledge and experience of all
aspects of personal finance, I can help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

27 (0) 82 455 5637
Hemisphere Brokers
Hemisphere Brokers
Financial Services: 1. Life Insurance 2. Investments 3. Medical Aid 4. Short Term Insurance 5. Education provision 6.Group Benefits 7.Wills and Estate Planning 8.Financial Planning 9.Pension Planning 10. Financial Markets

We offer most financial services, addressing most aspects of your life and changing circumstances such as Life Cover, Disability Cover, Income Protection Plans, Investment Plans & Structuring (lump sums & monthly debit orders), Financial Planning, Estate Planning (including Wills, Trusts), Medical Aids & Medical Insurance, Personal & Business Short Term Insurance, Offshore Banking & Investments, Retirement Planning.
An Authorised Financial Services Provider: FSB License No: 16711.
Life Cover
Disability Cover
Income Protection
Retirement Savings: Retirement Annuities
Retirement Capital Preservation: Preservation Funds: Provident or Pension Fund
Living Annuities: Retirement Capital Income
Term Products: Endowment Policies
Educational Policies
Unit Trusts ( Mutual Funds)
Bespoke Portfolios: Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Shares (Stocks)
Share (Stock) Analysis, Market Profiling, Portfolio Risk Analysis
Short Term Insurance (Insuring a loss)- Personal & Business
Last Will & Testament
Trusts & Estate Planning
Medical Aids
Group Benefits
InSync Financial Services
Specialising in all areas of Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection

We specialise in providing independent, comprehensive financial advice to empower our clients to understand and achieve their financial goals. We are proud to offer advice regarding Personal & Business Financial Planning which includes all areas of: Wealth Creation (Retirement Planning & Investments) and Wealth Protection (Risk Benefits, Estate Planning & Medical Aid)

JanPlan Financial Services
Independent Financial Planning Practice

An Independent Financial Planning Practice specialising in:
Life insurance
Retirement Planning
Investment Planning
Personal and Commercial Insurance
Business Insurance
Medical Schemes
Gap Cover
Contracts with Sanlam, PPS, Liberty, Momentum, Hollard, Santam, Stanlib, Auto&General,Glacier

Liberty Financial Planner

I offer financial advice with regards to risk management and wealth creation.

Financial Advisers and corporate consultants

Specialists in Investments
Pension funds
Provident funds
wealth management
Corporate Benefits
and More
We are the best at what we do we offer the best service and deliver with results.
We are Market leaders in the industry this is where you want to be

011 408 7040

Been in the insurance industry since 1985. Services include:

Retirement Planning
Life and Disability Assurance
Medical schemes
Business Assurance
Group Schemes

Durban Financial Planner
031 201 1084
0866 708 408
Old Mutual
Old Mutual
Our financial advisers and brokers conduct a thorough financial needs analysis of your personal finance to determine your requirements. This advice is backed by Old Mutual - a company with over 165 years of experience to invest in you!

Nare Nchwe provides financial planning and investment analysis to professionals, executives, business owners, retirees, widows and widowers, and trustee. He utilizes his experience with an emphasis on investment research and comprehensive financial planning.

ProCapital Consulting and Financial Planning PTY LTD
Certified Financial Planners giving advice on tax structures,Retirement planing, Investment managing and Risk planning. Specializing in Business insurance and structures.

Certified Financial Planners and qualified accountant giving Financial advice and structured planning, Investment management and Retirement planning
PSG Wealth
PSG Wealth
Specialising in Wealth Creation, Wealth Protection for both personal and business clients. We also do Direct Share Trading and fiduciary services.

Independent comprehensive financial advice. We offer advice regarding Personal & Business Financial Planning which includes all areas of: Wealth Creation (Retirement Planning & Investments) and Wealth Protection (Risk Benefits, Estate Planning & Medical Aid)

One of our planners ( Wilfred Diedericks) resides in Durbanville and meet with Cape Town & surrounding clients three day per week. Wilfred also specialize in Business clients as he has 30 years of Business Banking Experience.

Rajesh Singh
Rajesh Singh

Certified Financial Planner with the Advanced CFP, Bachelor of Commerce Honours, RE5 and RE1 qualifications, and 15 years of experience in the financial planning industry. Specialises in all areas of risk, investment and estate planning.

0861 000 697
086 575 0123
Rehan Maart
Rehan Maart
Holistic Financial Planning

I help my clients achieve financial freedom through holistic Financial Planning that takes into account:
1. Risk Management
2. Retirement Planning
3. Investment Planning

Royal Financial Square
Royal Financial Square
Royal Square Financial (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black-owned and controlled company that was established in 2009.

Royal Square Financial (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black-owned and controlled company that was established in 2009. Royal Square Financial is a growing brand in the South African financial services industry that was founded on the premise of a need for an independent black-owned Financial Advisory and Wealth Management company whose primary focus would be servicing high net-worth individuals, businesses and professionals who have a need for an independent and integrated approach to Wealth Management.

Our services include Life & Health Insurance, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Trusts & Wills, Local Investments, Offshore Investments, Unit Trust Investments, Budgeting, Banking, Car & Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Private Client Insurance, Real Estate Services and Mortgage Finance.
+27 11 784 2282
+27 86 765 0234
Sieg Prigge
Sieg Prigge
Professional Financial Planner with Liberty

I specialise in Investments and Retirement Planning for mostly Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Retirement planning

Steve Tearnan Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services Include:

Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Life and Disability Assurance
Medical schemes
Short term insurance
Business Assurance
Offshore Investments
Group Schemes

Kloof Financial Planner
031 764 7474
T&E FinOps
T&E FinOps
I help people define and achieve their financial dreams through financial advising and coaching.

I am Marcel T. Wasserman and I am a Financial Advisor who has a session to help people become financially independent and savvy. Do you know what amount you need to invest per month to reach your financial goals? Are your financial products integrated in such a way that you get guaranteed bonuses and paybacks? If you do not have answers for these questions let me come show you how.

So let's have a meeting where we will create a financial game plan for you.

Here are some common questions I get:

1. What is in it for me?
You will get a financial plan customised for your specific goals and have your financial product portfolio reviewed and optimised.

2. What is in it for you?
I get to live out my passion by helping people become financially independent, as well as earn a commission from the insurer when I introduce a client to their products.

3. What products do you offer?
Investments, Pensions & Retirement Annuities, Personal & Commercial insurance, Group Schemes, Medical Aids, Wills & Testaments, Life Insurance, Buy and Sell Agreements, Financial Planning, and Mining and Petrol Rehabilitation.

4. Who do you represent?
We are independent financial advisors and planners, but our clients mostly choose Discovery products because of their integration benefits. We are also underwriters of all the major financial houses like Alan Grey, Liberty, Sanlam, Santam, Hollard, Coronation, Momentum, PPS, etc.

5. Who is T&E FinOps?
We are a family run business who have been servicing our 3000+ clients for 20 years. See more here:

If this interests you or someone you know, let's set up a call or meeting and get started.

My best,
Marcel T. Wasserman
The Insurance Network
The Insurance Network
Brokers for Medical Aids, Life Insurance, Investments, Pension Funds, Short Term

Service Providers for Discovery, Momentum, Liberty, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Brightrock, Medshield, Medihelp, Keyhealth, Bestmed
I am a fully licensed Associate Financial Planner with the FPI with an International Quality Award, practicing from within Liberty Agency.

I provide holistic solutions, specialise in Investments, Retirement Planning, Income Protection and General Financial Advice.

Vantage Point Financial Services
Financial Planning: Long term insurance and Investments

Vantage Point is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 44263) and may provide financial services in the following License Categories:
• Long-term Insurance
• Retail Pension Funds & Pension Fund We are Representatives of the above-mentioned FSP and hereby certify that I have access to and have been accredited to market products from the following product providers, with which Vantage Point has contractual relationships:
• Capital Legacy Solutions
• Momentum Life
• Liberty
• Sanlam
• Altrisk
• Brightrock
• Stanlib
• Discovery Life, Health, Invest
• Old Mutual

Vision Private Wealth
Vision Private Wealth
Manage funds and help clients with investment decisions

Independent investment and financial services group accredited to all product providers.
Warren Basel Financial Planning
Warren Basel Independent Financial Planner, Working In Partnership with Oracle Broker Services I represent Discovery, Liberty, Momentum, Hollard and various other insurance houses as well as investment companies, such as Investec, Allan Gray, RMB to name a few.I would really like to have the opportunity to meet with you.

I am an independent financial advisor, I have got 15 years experience in the industry and feel That I can add value to your portfolio by saving you money on your risk cover and ensuring that your investments are getting maximum returns.
Products Offered:

Risk Cover Products Offered – done through major listed companies:

• Life Insurance
• Bond Cover (Life cover to cover your bond)
• Disability Insurance
• Dreaded Disease Cover
• Retrenchment Cover
• Business Insurance (Key man and partnership Insurance)
• Income Protectors
• Hospital Plans
• Medical Gap Cover
• Medical Aid ( Personal and Corporate )
• Funeral Plans ( Personal and Corporate )

Financial Planning Products Offered – done through major listed companies:

• Retirement Planning
• Education Provision
• Tax Free Local & Foreign Investments
• Debt Consolidation – Accessing Funds ( home loan channel)
• Home Loans – New loans, 2nd Loans, Switches
• Various Investment Products
• Debt Redemption Plans
• Preserver Plans For Pension & Provident Funds
• Unit Trusts
• Pension & Provident Funds ( Small to Large Enterprises )

Other Services Offered Include:

• Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning
• Personal Loans
• Business Broking
• Tax Savings, Accounting Services, Accounting Software Sales ( Personal and Business )
• Short Term Insurance – Motor, Household, Commercial, Business
• Financial Analysis – Investments and properties
• Servicing of Existing Portfolios
• Lump Sum Investments

For the best advice, service & investment returns contact Warren Basel on: 082 490 5182

“Giving you financial direction”
Wealth Solutions capital
A franchise that specialises in all Liberty products. Both business and personal.

A franchise that specialises in all Liberty products. Both business and personal.

Weiss & Associates
Weiss & Associates
Health and lifestyle counselling through Discovery Vitality and Vitality drive

I structure benefits so that one's improved health and lifestyle through Vitality and Vitality Drive partially or totally fund the costs of medical aid, life and disability cover as well as short term cover